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  • // ON ARITHMOSOPHY English/French/Deutsch //

    16 juin 2012

    How does one make sense of the apparent chaos of cosmic whirls described in Taoism, and of the conflicting movements of negative and positive energies running through the universe? How does one make sense of the movements of the soul experienced by humans...

  • //Jiao (2004)/english/français//

    16 juin 2012

    Jiao (2004) for 11 strings, amplified celesta, amplified vibraphone, amplified clavinova The work "Jiao" was composed in Geneva in January 2004 for the chamber orchestra "Musiques nouvelles". It is an integral part of the global work called "Anthology...

  • // MUSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, English/French //

    16 juin 2012

    ///Rabinovitch-Barakovsky is one of the first composers of minimalism (from 1969 and his “La Belle musique n.3” (1977) is the first work for orchestra in the minimalit field). He also started connecting the minimalist vision with spiritual quest/// "Minimalist",...


    16 juin 2012

    Die Zeit (2000) Musik und Zeit sind unauflöslich miteinander verbunden. Das ist eine allseits bekannte Wahrheit. Allerdings nimmt die Entwicklung des musikalischen Diskurses im Laufe der Zeit verschiedene Formen an: a) linear und in eine einzigartige...

  • "Récit de voyage" (1976)

    16 juin 2012

    Cette année 1976, deux ans se sont écoulés depuis mon émigration de l'Union Soviétique. Ce constat m'a fait réfléchir sur le sens caché de la parabole du fils prodigue contenue dans l'Evangile selon saint Luc. J'étais en train d'y penser lorsque se sont...

  • //THE TANTRIC RITUAL "MATHUNA" (2005)/english/français/deutsch//

    16 juin 2012

    Sinfonia concertante for orchestra The significance of the "Maithuna" ritual in Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism is ambivalent. On one hand, it can mean the sexual ritual during which the woman is deified by her partner and the sexual act thus takes on a...

  • //LES TROIS GUNA (2001)/français//

    16 juin 2012

    "LES TROIS GUNA" (2001) for amplified flute, amplified clarinet, amplified clavinova, amplified vibrafono+marimba+campanelli (1 percussionist), amplified piano (Commande de l'association "Musique Nouvelle en Liberté") Dans la mythologie hindouiste, les...


    16 juin 2012

    World echoes about the composer, Rabinovitch-Barakovsky Rabinovitch is one of today's most interesting composers. His musical language is based on a deep philosophy that one can clearly feel, although he is at the same time totally free from speculative...

  • //Discography//

    16 juin 2012

    Terza Pratica II http://www.vdegallo-music.com/alexandre-rabinovitch-barakovsky-terza-pratica-ii/ Terza Pratica (2012) http://www.vdegallo-music.com/terza-pratica-alexandre-rabinovitch-barakovsky-orchestral-works-chamber-music-1/?lang=fr Rabinovitch-Barakovsky...

  • //MUSIQUE POPULAIRE (1980)/english/français//

    16 juin 2012

    MUSIQUE POPULAIRE (1980) In 2005 I considerably revised this work, initially written for 2 pianos (I also wrote a version of "Musique populaire" for 2 pianos and orchestra in 1994). To this final version I added 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones and one celesta,...

  • //POURQUOI JE SUIS SI SENTIMENTAL(1978)/english/français//

    16 juin 2012

    "POURQUOI JE SUIS SI SENTIMENTAL" (1978) for solo piano Did the image of an all-powerful Napoleon hold such fascination for Nietzsche that this human "superpower" can be recognized behind his concepts of desire for power and for superman? The thought...


    16 juin 2012

    "I also had to reflect on the musical mythology that has benn form ed over the last three centuries, frome 17th to the 20th, which is based on tonality and which gave a predominance to the expressive side of music. You know the theory of affects that...

  • //INCANTATIONS/english/français//

    16 juin 2012

    Incantations (1996) One day as I was speaking with Maroussia Lemarc'adour, the "grande dame" of the Swiss musical scene (who passed away at the age of 80 ten years ago, and was the Swiss equivalent of Nadia Boulanger), our conversation spontaneously veered...


    16 juin 2012

    Anthology of Archaic Rituals, In Search of The Center Les mots de Andrei Biely (1969) cantata Le point d'appui trouvé (1970) chamber music Happy end (1972) electro-acoustic piece La Belle Musique n°2 (1974) chamber music Perpetuum mobile (1975) amplified...

  • //TROIS INVOCATIONS(1996)/english/français/deutsch//

    16 juin 2012

    The main inspiration behind the quartet with celesta Trois Invocations (1996)"might have come from three key themes in certain Eastern spiritual traditions: Suffering (1st movement), Desire (2nd movement), Release (3rd movement). This state of reflective...

  • // THE TIBETAN PRAYER(1991-92)// English&Deutsch

    16 juin 2012

    The leading sentiment in this cantata, or rather, this long ritual prayer, is the theme of compassion, which is the cornerstone of Buddhist and Christian consciousness. I was interested in trying to musically explore this theme, which I saw from the archetypal...

  • // TERZA PRATICA (2012) //

    16 juin 2012

    Production: Disques VDE-GALLO, Rue de l’Ale 31, CH-1003 Lausanne Tél. +41(0)21.312.11.54 • Fax +41(0)21.312.11.34 • info@vdegallo.chwww.vdegallo.ch • www.vdegallo-music.com • © + ℗ 2012 VDE-GALLO Rabinovitch-Barakovsky on his TERZA PRATICA : "Within the...


    16 juin 2012

    Bending, like the demiurge of the Timaeus, both ends of the "rectilinear" course characteristic of the classical symphony, Rabinovitch-Barakovsky achieves the cyclical structure of the"sinfonia" Six états intermédiaires (1998), a vast reflection "on the...

  • Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky

    16 juin 2012

    Acclaimed by critics and audiences as one of today’s most interesting composers, as a first-rate conductor and as a gripping musical personality, Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky is one of the first composers of minimalism since 1969 and he started connecting...

  • // Highlights from the interview of A. Rabinovitch-Barakovsky by Elena Dubinets (2010) //

    16 juin 2012

    I arrived somewhat gradually at the idea of a new paradigm in musical practice, which I called the «Terza Pratica». The fact is, schematically the evolution of the European musical language can be divided into two main periods.The «Prima Pratica» is rooted...


    27 février 2015


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    21 novembre 2015

    This website is now 4 years old, thank you so much for your fidelity !