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Anthology of Archaic Rituals,

 In Search of The Center 

Les mots de Andrei Biely (1969) cantata 

Le point d'appui trouvé (1970) chamber music 

Happy end (1972) electro-acoustic piece
La Belle Musique n°2 (1974) chamber music 

Perpetuum mobile (1975) amplified cello, amplified piano 
(dedicated to Mark Drobinsky) 
Fairy tale (1975) amplified violin solo, amplified piano, amplified vibraphone (+ amplified campanelli) 
Le récit de voyage (1976) amplified violin, amplified cello, amplified percussions, amplified celesta and amplified piano .
(dedicated to Alexei Lubimov) 

La Belle Musique n°3 (1977) for orchestra 
Requiem pour une marée noire (1978)amplified soprano, amplified vibraphone, amplified piano 

Entente cordiale (1979) amplified piano
 and orchestra 

Litanies (1979) string quartet and vibraphone 





Musique populaire (1980) 2 amplified pianos, 2 amplifie


d marimbas, amplified celesta

Discours sur la délivrance (1982) amplified cello solo, amplified piano andamplified vibraphone .

La belle musique n°4 (1987) for 4 amplified pianos 

Cantique pour Orfeo (1987) amplified baryton, amplified vibraphone, amplified piano, amplified celesta 
(dedidicated to Philippe Huttenlocher)

In illo tempore (1989) sinfonia concertante for 2 amplified pianos and chamber orchestra 




Das tibetanische Gebet (1991-92) cantata for chamber chorus and 8 musicians 

Musique populaire (1994) 2 amplified pianos and orchestra 
3 Invocations (1995) string quartet and amplified celesta 

Le labyrinthe et le centre (1995) sinfonia concertante for amplified violin and chamber orchestra





Incantations (1996) sinfonia concertante for amplified piano (+ amplified celesta) and chamber orchestra

Schwanengesang an Apollo (1996) amplified violin solo, amplified celesta, amplif ied vibraphone and amplified piano 







6 Etats intermédiaires (1997-98) sinfonia for orchestra, based on the "Bardo Thödol" (Tibetan Book of the Dead)

1) La Vie
2) Le rêve
3) La Transe
4) Le Moment de la Mort

5) La réalité 
6) L'existence

La Triade (1998) sinfonia concertante for amplified violin
and orchestra
1) The Mourning
2) The Trance
3) The Silence

Retour aux sources (1999) sinfonia for orchestra 
(dedicated to Vladimir Yankilevsky) 

1) La prima materia
2) L'Anthropos

La harpe de David (1999) sinfonia concertante for amplified cello and orchestra

1) Pulsions 
2) Nirvanaprinzip

The celtic harp (2000) sinfonia concertante for amplified violin, amplified viola and orchestra 
1) Mode de lamentation
2) Mode de sourire
3) Mode de sommeil



Die Zeit (2000) for four amplified

 instruments: violin, cello, piano, celesta
(dedicated to Maria Balkan) 

Le Tryptique (2000), sinfonia for orchestra.

Les trois Gunas (2001) for amplified flute, amplified clarinet, amplified celesta, amplified vibrafono+marimba+campanelli 
(1 percussionist) and amplified piano.






Jiao (2004) for 11 strings, amplified celesta, amplified vibraphone, amplified clavinova

Maithuna (2005) sinfonia concertante for orchestra 

Les Chants-Spirales (2006)

dedicated to Jacques Tchamkerten, for amplified vibraphone solo, amplified celesta and amplified piano.

3 Manas (2009) for amplified piano or amplified electric piano.

Opus Magnum (2010) Sinfonia concertante for chamber orchestra in three movements :

1) Nigredo
2) Albedo
3) Rubedo
Alchera (2012) for amplified cello and orchestra - Dedicated to Sir Roger Norrington.

" Rabinovitch-Barakovsky defines his holistic musical approach as " THE TERZA PRATICA " which views musical practice as a spiritual experience. In the framework of this new paradigm, -rituals, metaphysics of sacred numbers, initiation ceremonies of past societies like the rite of purification, alchemical experiences, etc. are being updated and foster the quest for Individuation and the Self-according to the terms of Jung's analytical psychology or Hinduist worldview" .


* The CDs : Introduction,Incantations, Pura cosa mentale, 
Die Zeit, Tantric Coupling are published by MEGADISC

** The scores are published by Ariadne Verlag, Vienna
(Tel. +43.1.89 532555)

Die Zeit (2000) (for four amplified instruments) 
Score published by Ariadne Verlag, Vienna 
-L'horloge, mvt 2
Martha Argerich,amplified celesta
Lucia Hall,amplified violin
Mark Drobinsky,amplified cello
Alexandre Rabinovitch,amplified piano
Recorded live on December 20, 2000at the The Köln Philharmonic Hall

Das Tibetanische Gebet (1992), 
based on the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum"
Chamber Chorus of the Tallinn Academy of Musicand Ensemble "Hortus Musicus"
Alexandre Rabinovitch, conductor
Recorded live on October 16, 1999 at the Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn
Published by DORON, Score by Ariadne
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